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OpenAir format for Connect 1 and Element Track

The Connect 1 and Element currently read airspace files in OpenAir format. To download these files we recommend Soaringweb. After clicking on your region and country, you are presented with a number of formats to download. Choose OpenAir format as shown below. In order to load airspaces onto your vario, you need to connect the vario to a computer Data management|via USB, drop the files in the folder "airspaces" and then select an airspace file to be displayed on the Connect 1 or the Element.

  • OpenAir files on Saoringweb

UK airspaces

Unfortunately downloading the OpenAir files from SoaringWeb doesn't work for the UK. You have to download the ASSelect programme as shown below. When generating your file with the programme, make sure you select the OpenAir format at the very end. The programme seems to be available for Windows only.

  • ASSelect for the UK
  • Downloading the programme
  • Saving as OpenAir file