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There are a number of programmes and online tools that allow you to manage, view and analyse your flights. In order to use any of the below services you need access to the IGC files on your flight instrument. The Connect 1 also produces Google Earth files (KMZ). Learn how to get the IGC and KMZ files off your Connect 1 or your Element.

Tools for Mac

  • GmmaFV: View and analyse IGC flight log files from gliders / sailplanes, hang-gliders and paragliders. Native application for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), optimised for both Retina and non-Retina displays.
  • SkyKick: With SkyKick you can store flight data, waypoints, graphics and photos, addresses and aircraft data in a powerful database. Together with geodetical information - like elevation data, political borders, roads and rivers - the stored data can be combined to visualise the tracks of the flights in 2D or 3D terrain view or as altitude diagrams.
  • Rogallo FlightLog: Rogallo FlightLog is the perfect App if you are a paragliding and/or hanggliding pilot and you finally want to have all of your GPS flight logs in one place. It is designed with professional XC pilots but also beginners and pleasure pilots in mind.

Tools for PC

  • Flytec Flychart: Flight management, viewer and analysis recommended for PC users.

Tools for PC and Mac

  • Logfly: Logfly is a log book which stores your flights with GPS tracks or not. You can visualise your flights and evaluate the score for online contest. Logfly is developed for Windows and MacOS
  • AirTome: AirTome is a multiplatform flightbook for paraglider and hanglider. AirTome is distributed as Freeware. The screenshots in their Wiki give and overview of what the programme looks like.

Tools for Linux

  • FlyHigh supports a range of Flytec/Bräuniger varios, management of waypoints, routes, and airspaces.

Online tools

  • Doarama: Doarama is a 3D visualisation engine for geolocated activities. The service allows you to upload GPS track logs (from a smartphone or sports GPS tracker) of activities you have participated in. These tracks are then visualised on a 3D map directly within a web browser using familiar controls and intuitive navigation.
  • IGC2KML: A really easy tool to use - upload an IGC file, download a KML file you can view in Google Earth.
  • IGC2KMZ by Tom Payne: igc2kmz converts paraglider and hang glider track logs into Google Earth KML format with lots of features
  • IGC Replay: The application loads IGC files directly (without the need for kml) and replays the flights within the Google Earth.